who we are & why we do what we do.

Jill Marie Pierce

Jill Pierce received her degree in Business Management at Utah Valley University. She began working with her father’s financial advisory firm immediately after college (though she jokes that family legend has her
working there from age 5). Starting as office administrator at Pierce Financial Strategies, Jill eventually transitioned to office manager, and received her insurance license and Series 6 by 2002. In January of 2015, after having been a Registered Admin since 2002, Jill became a producer as a Registered Rep, obtaining her Series 7 license. By 2018, she had also received her Series 66 license as a Fiduciary. Jill became a partner with her father Bob in thebusiness and, in Fall 2023 when Bob retired, she took over as sole CEO/Owner of Pierce Financial Strategies. Jill is licensed to handle all of your financial transactions, and manages life insurance, disability, long-term care, annuities, and all types of assets under management as a Fiduciary.

“We try to never exclude anyone from doing business with us, regardless of their savings or income, because everyone needs to start somewhere,” says Jill. “Some clients have told us that our recommendation to save just $50 a month allowed them to feel comfortable increasing that amount over time, eventually developing a nice nest egg for themselves.”

At Pierce Financial Strategies, Jill makes it a practice to look at the big picture of the financial world. She doesn’t believe in focusing on one product or one aspect of someone’s portfolio. She will even review money saving options from your insurance deductibles to help reduce your expenses. Her goal is to be able to help people with the full spectrum of financial advice, whether that be retirement income or providing legacy plans for heirs. To “Maximize growth, Minimize risk, Reduce fees and taxes where possible, and Maximize future lifelong income and Maximizing flexibility” is the goal for every client.

And once a client at Pierce Financial Strategies, always a client. “We service several third-generation clients,” says Jill. “We’ve even had a client seek advice from us on a home remodeling project, and whether it would fit their budget. We want to have a relationship where everyone is comfortable asking us about anything. We like to think of our clients as family.”

Family is extremely important to Jill, and in her free time, she loves being an auntie to 22 children and a great-auntie to 12. To her nieces and nephews, she’s gained the nickname of “Auntie Jill Airbnb” for a fun sleepover. She also enjoys photography, cooking and baking, and traveling to places she has never seen, such as her trip to Hawaii in early 2020. She has been devoted to serving others through her membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has volunteered in the Portland, Oregon Temple for 17 years. She has also volunteered with the Tigard Oregon Chamber of Commerce.  Any questions, just call Jill at (360) 885-4666, she loves to help!

Bob Pierce | Founder & Retired

Over 50 years in a ‘Business/Hobby/Career’ of helping friends and clients optimize financial security:

While in the U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine Service, Bob learned from a
report that only 15% of the 130 men lost when the “Thresher” nuclear
submarine sank possessed any wills or life insurance. This event led Bob to
plan and design his financial career and business of important service to
families. He authored articles, taught advance courses, hosted the radio talk
show “Winning Money Strategies,” and spoke in most states on financial
services. He also testified before state and federal legislative bodies
representing the financial industry and small business issues, including Social Security reforms.

Bob recently retired, leaving operations of his business to his daughter
and business partner, Jill Pierce, also a very qualified and accomplished
financial professional. Like Bob, Jill is a Fiduciary, the highest level of
professionalism for Financial Advisors. Bob feels he has been richly blessed
throughout his life. He and his wife Deanna have been married 60 years and
have 7 children, 22 grandchildren, and 12 great grandchildren—and
counting! His family is devoted and close, with a strong commitment to the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as the center of their world.

Jill and bob, retired founder